Books authored by Rod Fisher
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It's a fictional story about 11-year-old boys who want to emulate Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn by playing pirates and adventurers on the Whitefish River and Lake in the summer of 1942. Abandoned boats and an old dilapitated clapboard schoolhouse with a bell tower provide props for their misadventures
It's all about designing, building and sailing a 14-foot sailboat. The "Dolly Maude" was the center of many family adventures and misadventures from San Diego to Bellingham.

Felic was a warrior without a sword, a seaman without a ship, whose devotees boasted of his exploits as a living legend. His ship and crew were lost. He was penniless. As he loafed along the docks of Seaskal, an opportunity arose, a mission for Gwenay, the hag queen of Calix
This collection will help the aspiring amateur TV or film producer to get past the dreaded task of writing a script. Just grab your camcorder and some friends, your kids or your grandchildren and go Hollywood
This is the story of Miguel Santos, the alter ego of Gil Blas. For the modern reader the rambling sentences and passive verbiage of the original novel can be daunting, especially in a book of 320,000 words written over a 20-year period. But the many trials and tribulations, the many adventures with swindlers and bandits, and the many romantic entanglements of the hero should not be shelf-bound by the archaic idiom of the enlightenment period. This adaptation is not a new translation. It is an abridged version of the original that has been ruthlessly slashed and edited; for that reason the title and hero have been renamed. It is a sugar-coated introduction to the classic which may inspire the reader to tackle the original.
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